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Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic Back Pain is best defined as "persistent symptoms of pain that have lasted longer than 3 months". It is thought that 10-20% of those that suffer a new episode of back pain will go on to develop persistent symptoms. The prevalance of low back pain is such that it has been cited as the leading cause of disability world wide.

Despite advances in medical technology, increases in prescription medication, and other techniques aimed to assist in the management of low back pain (LBP), the disability and associated individual/societal costs and impacts have continued to rise. 

One proposed reason for this continued increase in trend of LBP is that techniques aimed to assist those in pain have focused solely on the structural aspect of pain despite research clearly indicating that there is more to pain than structural/physical deficits.

At Physiomac we have adopted an approach called "Cognitive Functional Therapy" (CFT). This is encompasses the multi-dimensional approach needed to effectively manage and improve the symptoms of peristent low back pain. CFT is a model of care that was developed by Professor Peter O'Sullivan. Professor O'Sullivan is Professor at Curtin University, Australia and is a specialist physiotherapist in the field of musculoskeletal medicine.

CFT Low Back Pain Service

Given the complex nature of persistent LBP, we have created a new service for any patients wishing assistance with this condition. We will allocate an extended appointment time that will last 1 hour. It is important you indicate to us at the time of booking that this is the service you wish to choose.

Prior to the assessment we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire that helps guide us. During the assessment we will ask you to tell us your story. We are here to listen and the more you tell us the more we can try help you! We will then aim to tailor the assessment to the tasks/movements you are struggling with the most. You will hopefully find that the way we assess you, and the questions we ask are different than previous appointments you may have had from other healthcare providers. At the end of the appointment we hope that you will have a better understanding of the cause(s) of your pain and that this will improve your confidence with your back/movement, as well as having take-home strategies to not only manage but reduce your symptoms over time. Written guidance to support you will be provided as well. Follow-up sessions will likely be beneficial but are of course not mandatory.

Please note that currently this service is provided only by Ryan who has a specialist interest within this domain and has attended training delivered by Professor O'Sullivan as well as being familiar with the literature on this topic. Should you wish to book an appointment with Ryan to help address your persistent low back pain please email or contact him at 01292 318777. The pricing for this service can be found here.