Physiomac Physiotherapy


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We hope this will answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

Is physiotherapy for me?

If you are suffering from pain, restricted movement, looking for post-operative rehabilitation, seeking injury prevention strageties, or simply a better understanding of a given condition, then it is likely that physiotherapy will be of some benefit to you. For further information about physiotherapy please click here.

How long do appointments last?

All standard assessment and treatment slots are scheduled to last 30 minutes. You are treated on a one-to-one basis and if appropriate we will endeavour to spend even longer with you. Our injection service and chronic pain services will be 60 minute appointments.

What is the cost of an appointment?

A breakdown of our service costs can be found here. We believe that the cost of our service reflects the level of care and expertise you will receive.

What is the waiting list time for an appointment?

Whilst we are a busy clinic we aim to offer you an appointment within 2 working days. This is in stark comparison to local NHS waiting list times which are routinely greater than 3 months.

Is there anything I need to bring with me to appointments?

We recommend that you bring with you suitable clothing. Our suggestions are shorts/sports leggings and for the top half vest/loose-fitting t-shirt/sports bra. The right attire helps us appropriately assess you whilst respecting your privacy. We are also happy for you to bring a friend or relative to the appointment.

It also helps us if you bring with you your current prescription list and any relevant medical letters such as scan results.

For our insurance patients you will need to provide us with your policy number and authorisation number which you can gain from your insurance provider.

Will physiotherapy be sore?

Sometimes yes! A part of the assessment is often to look at the way you move and to test some of the structures in your body. Pain is often a product of this testing and is considered normal. However, it should be remembered that pain does not always mean damage and that we aim to have you leaving our clinic feeling better than when you arrived.

How many appointments will I need?

This varies on entirely on your diagnosis and on a patient-by-patient case as no one person is the same. We will aim to provide you with a realistic time frame for recovery and suggest the number of sessions you may benefit from but this is a joint decision between you and your physiotherapist. There is no "contract" to the number of times you may wish to come see us.

What if I don't get better?

It is important to understand that there is no guarantee that physiotherapy will be the "cure" to your problem. Should pain persist, we believe that we can help you learn to effectively self-manage any residual symptoms to optimise your quality of life. Physiomac also have excellent professional links with local GP surgeries as well as many orthopaedic surgeons both of which we can happily refer you to for further care if required.