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January 2017: Physiotherapy in Tennis

January 15th 2017 - Written by

Time for a little update as we now firmly move into 2017:

Ryan has recently formed a working relationship with West Of Scotland Tennis and in turn some of the top tennis coaches and juniors in the country. He has been delivering small workshops with the aim to provide advice in reducing injury risk in some of the country's most promising junior players. His input has included training scheduling advice, injury reduction exercises, basic strength & conditioning advice, as well as warm-up protocols.

He will also in he coming weeks be delivering some short presentations around the topic of physiotherapy and injury reduction to the respective parents and coaches to help in the overall education and development of the junior players.
To make an appointment with Ryan regarding such services or any other physiotherapy-related query please contact on 07743102838 or 01292 318777.

In other areas, Physiomac are in the process of starting some minor renovations to our main clinic in Troon which should fully take shape over the next 2 months as we aim to continue to deliver high quality care. The hope is that this will include a small rehabilitation area. We will ensure that no disruption occurs to our patients!

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