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June 2017

June 13th 2017 - Written by

It's time for a little update with regards to recent events at Physiomac as we now approach the half-way point of 2017....

Clinician Schedule:

Physiomac remains open Monday-Saturday and you can find our opening times here.

However, we have made a slight adjustment to our scheduling of clinicians providing physiotherapy care. Andrew will predominantly be covering clinics on Monday-Thursday as well as Saturday mornings. Ryan will be providing clinics on Thursday evenings as well as all day Friday. This may occasionally alter due to clinician holidays.

Course Attendance:

Between 2nd-4th June, Ryan, along with over 250 international delegates, attended a course at the Royal Free Hospital in London on "Making sense of back pain: a cognitive functional approach". The course was delivered over 3 full days by one of the leading clinicians and researchers in the field of low back pain Professor Peter O'Sullivan.

Day one was an update on the theory and recent literature surrounding the management of low back pain including a new clinical reasoning framework to help ensure appropriate patient-centred care is provided. Day two and three involved observing the assessment and subsequent treatment of 4 long-term sufferers of low back pain. Following each patient, clinical discussions took place amongst delegates led by Professor O'Sullivan to explore the clinical rationale behind the assessment/outcomes. The course, whilst intense, was inspiring and Ryan is already adopting the skills learned into his clinical practice.

A cognitive functional therapy (CFT) approach is gaining favour in the literature and is currently approved by NICE which is a non-executive body of the Department of Health that provides evidence-based guidelines for healthcare within the NHS. With regards to the management of long-standing low back pain it is an essential approach to helping the chronic pain sufferer.

Clinic Refurbishment:

In the next few weeks we will be refurbishing our Troon clinic. This will include a new floor, private assessment room (which will be available for lease with various options), and mininature gym/rehabilitation area, but will aim to maintain our valued open plan feel. We aim to ensure no disruption will occur to our patients by completing work out with normal clinic hours.

A new, and long overdue, clinic sign will also be in place within the next 10 days.

New Services:

In the coming months, Physiomac will be looking to offer a new service aiming to assist chronic back pain sufferers that utilises CFT so please keep a look out for this service. The finer details of this are still to be worked out, but will involve a pre-arranged longer initial assessment and the service cost will reflect this.

We also hope to offer an innovative and exciting new joint and soft tissie injection service within the next 3 months. Further information on this topic will follow in due course.

We hope that the above information further demonstrates our drive and amibition to provide modern, excellent, and effective physiotherapy care for all our patients.

Thanks for reading,

Physiomac Physiotherapy.