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Knee Pain and Physiotherapy

January 24th 2017 - Written by

Are you over 45 and with knee pain in the absence of significant trauma? Have you been told that you have a cartilage/meniscus tear?

A recent randomised control trial (one of the best study designs) of over 350 participants, by Kamper and Henschke (2014) published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, compared the effects of arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery with that of physiotherapy intervention for those with meniscal (the shock absorber of the knee) lesions and associated osteoarthritic changes in the knee.

The good news for you (and us!) is that there was NO CLEAR EVIDENCE FOR SURGERY and that as a result physiotherapy led intervention, namely exercise based rehabilitation, should be a first line of treatment.

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S.J., Kamper and N., Henschke (2014). No benefit of surgery over physiotherapy for meniscal tears in adults with knee osteoarthritis. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol 48 (9). Pages 797-798