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Low Back Pain

February 6th 2017 - Written by

Low back pain affects between 80-90% of the population in the UK at some point in their lives and is one of the leading causes of disability and poor health outcomes.

 Although most episodes of back pain are not serious and will resolve with time, our team are here to ensure that we aid in reducing the risk of back pain becoming chronic- please note that chronic back pain (sometimes called persistent pain) is defined as symptoms that last longer than 3 months. We aim to achieve this by screening your risk of chronicity, which may be done via use of validated questionnaires, and then subsequently providing evidence-based treatment.

 Furthermore, our team are also trained and experienced in assessing for the more unusual presentations of back pain, which although are extremely rare do have to be managed quickly and appropriately to ensure the optimal outcome.  Our physiotherapists achieve this by asking a series of clinical questions around your current condition as well as your past medical history. We appreciate that these questions are very personal and sensitive in nature, but it is essential we ask these and we will of course keep the answers confidential. However, depending on the outcome of these answers we may be required to liaise with your GP in order to act in your best interests.

 Unfortunately about 10% of back pain sufferers will develop persistent back pain. Given the size of the UK’s population, 10% means that in reality a large number of people will continue to suffer. Although multifactorial in nature, current research suggests persistent back pain often occurs due to poor patterns of movement and beliefs around back pain. We firmly believe that given the right interventions and environment that persistent low back pain has a huge potential to improve and indeed even resolve with time. Our physiotherapists are ideally placed to assist you with the rehabilitation process involved.

 So in summary, whilst the outlook on low back pain is mostly positive, we believe timely intervention is important to improving outcomes whether in the acute or chronic stages of  low back pain.

 As ever, should you wish assistance in treating the symptoms of low back pain, please contact us on 01292 318777 or via email at

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 Ryan MacLeod